A Custom Design Studio of Hand Made Creations

Located in Montrose, Houston, Texas 77006

I am an Artist, a Poet, and a Gardener, 
a Book lover, a Seamstress, and a Classical Music lover. 
I love vintage houses and live in one that's over 100 years old. 
 I love to cook. 
I love women's history and believe hand crafts and hand 
crafted items should be shared and passed down. 
I love color and fabric and use my artistic sense to blend the two 
into unusual pairings for lovely aprons ,  tie pillows, and art and

My aprons aren't just for cooking. They are great in the garden or 
for around-the-house fix-it jobs and they make great gifts.
Ecologically friendly, because  most are made with recycled materials. 
Also, using aprons cut down on dry cleaning bills and extra laundry. 
All are hand crafted and designed by me (with the help of my 
sewing machines) .

I hope you will love my artful creations!

They make lovely original gifts...

   704 West Alabama St         Houston, TX 77006     713-526-2567    tricehoutx@aol.com

pillows and rugs

Re-Cycle, Re-purpose, Re-Use




Artful Creations  and

Handmade Aprons  Using
Recycled and New Materials
Hand crafted Jewelry from recycled and  natural materials.

Busy Girl Apron Company